About Us

Who We Are

WideOpen is most innovative printing and branding company based in Nairobi Kenya. Our designs are brilliant and our prints, very exclusive. We offer full range of printing and branding services to a wide range of clients operating across different industry sectors all in Nairobi and beyond. We’re a one stop shop for all your printing needs; our custom made solutions are tailored specifically to meet your peculiar needs ensuring the best output throughout the process. Join our happy customers who made WideOpen their most preferred printing destination in Nairobi.

Our Vision

To become a business solutions provider that will always guarantee clients relevance in the market.

Our Mission

To provide business solutions on the latest innovative concepts to keep our clients ahead of competition, hence ensuring growth in their market share and improve overall performance of their organizations / institutions.

Our Goal

To change the competitive landscape by being not just being better than our competitors, but by taking quality to a whole new level.

Why Choose Us.

Our project timeline is as important to us as our delivering excellence in print. From the design and print of Business Cards, Corporate Stationary, Display Banners, Signs and Displays, Stamps and Seals, Marketing Materials to the Branding of Vehicles, Clothing, Gifts and Souvenirs, we provide quality finishing using our cutting-edge printing technology.


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